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When it comes to buying fight shorts for either training or competition – there are a few brands that spring to mind; Venum, Bad Boy, Hayabusa, Scramble… to name just a few.

Those 4 brands have such a wide range of great fight shorts that you may never think of trying any other brand. But there’s dozens of new companies making their mark on the industry – with some cool designs, new technology and better prices.

So I’ve put together this list – 7 Of The Best & Coolest MMA Shorts – to introduce you to some new brands and to show you some of the best and most popular designs of the well-known companies.

1.) Hayabusa Official MMA Metaru Performance Shorts – $69.99

Perhaps the most trusted brand in all of martial arts. Hayabusa have proven themselves time and time agian to produce some of the highest quality products – the most comfortable, long lasting and also very stylish.

Trying to pick their best MMA shorts was difficult as I would encourage everyone to check out their whole range before buying – but in saying that, the shorts that really stand out in my opinion are the Metaru Performance Shorts.

Although $70 may be a lot to spend if you are a beginner, if you are serious about your training and expect to be doing it for more than 12 months then you will want high-quality, comfortable shorts that last a long time – and the #1 brand you can trust for that is definitely Hayabusa.


Fit Great Look Great. Hayabusa is the very best boxing wear and gear you can buy! There is no comparison to any other brand and I have tried them all. Would buy again if they ever wear out but I doubt that will happen. I only buy Hayabusa equipment, gear, and wear now that I can afford it.” – Verified Amazon Purchase

Note: These shorts tend to run a bit small, so it may be worth purchasing a size above. For more information, visit the product page – here.

$69.99 Buy product

2.) Clinch Gear Pro Series MMA Fight Shorts – $54.95

Clinch Gear are a relatively new brand on the MMA scene. They don’t have as wide of a product range as Hayabusa, nor are they as well known – but their Pro Series fightshorts have gained an outstanding reputation among high level fighters for being durable, comfortable and light-weight.

Clinch Gear have went all out in the design of their Pro Series Shorts – pioneering a nuber of new technologies in MMA gear. Such as their patent-pending Double Grip waist band, and their use of custom suede microfiber fabric to endure the comfort and durability that their shorts are so well-known for.

So if you are looking for high-quality, and want to save $15 compared to most premium brands, Clinch Gear shorts may be your best option.


“After testing these shorts out through various forms of martial arts, I have found them to be very reliable and durable. Normally, I stick to one brand of gear and experiment with other companies whether they are well known names like Venum, Everlast, or Hyabusa to brands not as mainstream such as Ravenware and Clinch Gear. In my opinion Clinch Gear has risen to the top of my list for multiple reasons…” – Verified Amazon Purchase

Note: These shorts should fit to the same size as your normal waist measurement for pants, jeans etc. If you are in between sizes, it is recommended to get the size above as the shorts can be tightened using the velcro waistband.

$54.95 Buy product

3.) Venum Black Eagle Fedor Signature Fight Shorts – $69.99

Again, similar to Hayabusa, Venum are one of the most recognised and respected MMA brands on the market. Not only do they produce high-quality but their designs are always unique and very often outstanding.

With such a wide range, it is hard to pick a favourite so, again, I’d encourage you to check out their full range before purchasing. The reason I chose the Fedor Signature Shorts is because it summarises Venum’s mentality; they honor the sport of martial arts by recognising greatness and delivering greatness to the customer, and you could argue that Fedor is the greatest fighter to walk the face of the planet – and the Black Eagle is a fantastic design.

Venum’s Signature Fight Shorts feature some of their most durable, light-weight, breathable material; as well as great design to ensure free-movement and comfort. But, if I have to say it again, you will find the same quality in almost all of their products so if you would prefer a different style then it would be best to shop around first.

Size Guide: XS 29-30; S 31-32; M 33; L 34-35; XL 36-37 & 2XL 38


“I LOVE these shorts because they fit perfectly, they’re light, and very comfortable.” – Verified Amazon Purchase

Note: These shorts should fit to the same size as your normal waist measurement for pants, jeans etc. If you are in between sizes, it is recommended to get the size above as the shorts can be tightened using the draw strings

$69.99 Buy product

4.) Sprawl MMA Fusion 3 Series Fight Shorts – $69.99

Sprawl has been making fight shorts since the early days of MMA. Their Fusion 3 Series Shorts are their most recent and most upgraded shorts to date.

These shorts feature a non-slip waistband; flex panels and a lightweight, 4 way stretch fabric, which ensures breathability and repels mosisture – culminating in a very high-quality pair of fight shorts which allows for unlimited freedom of movement and outstanding comfort.

Again, all of this comes down to personal taste; Sprawl are, quite simply, another reliable brand who have developed an outstanding pair of shorts.


“1. The new material is thicker than previous Sprawl models; providing much better comfort as well as durability.

2. Waist lock band – A thin piece of rubber inside of the shorts that helps grip onto you so they do not pull down. You can’t even feel it while you wear them, but it prevents your shorts from slipping.

3. Side splits are now hidden. Because of the overlapping leg design, the leg slits are fairly well hidden so it makes the shorts look much better.” – Online Review,

Note: These shorts should fit to your standard pants/jeans size. However, the waist lock band allows a secure fit if the shorts are too big or you are cutting weight. So if you are unsure or in between sizes, it’s recommended that you purchase the larger size.

$69.99 Buy product

5.) Jaco Men’s Resurgence MMA Fight Shorts – $39.99

As I mentioned in the intro, there are well-known brands who can do everything and there are new brands who might surprise you with their excellent quality and great value – Jaco are one of those brands.

Jaco’s Resurgence MMA Shorts are extremely lightweight, durable and comfortable. At almost half the price of other high-quality brands, this is a fantastic option for beginners or for anyone on a budget.

The quality of the material and design is almost unquestionable; however I’d advise customers to be careful with the size of shorts they purchase. Some buyers have reported perfect fit, while other have reported that the shorts have been slightly too small or that they take some time to wear-in. So if you are unsure, or between sizes; it may be worth purchasing a larger size.

The only other issue which has been reported is that the lettering tends to fade on the shorts, but a lot of customers have reprted that this has not been an issue for them.

Overall, I think that Jaco have made some of the best value fight shorts on the market. If you are a beginner then these could be your best option.


“I like the shorts but they fit very tight, they should warn users about this, if  I had know I would have bought a larger size.”

“Only issue is the size, I normally wear 32, on this one 32 is small, fits like 31. Hard to put it on the very first time; the fly, draw-string and the velcro are all tight.”

“I use these shorts for wrestling and no gi BJJ. The shorts are very lightweight, and feel like they may not take much abuse. I’m impressed with the durability of these. The shorts have been used (and washed) 75+ times, including multiple competitions, and the graphics still look fresh… I like the fact that the shorts do not ride up or slide down on me while grappling. The waistband design is impressive. The mouthguard pocket is an added bonus, and keeps mouthguards secure.”

Fit: The waistband is very secure once you tie off the internal drawstring and keep them tucked in the velcro enclosure. Some customers report perfect fit while others reprt that the shorts are too tight. If you are in doubt, or in between sizes – the best option is to purchase the larger size and use the draw string to tighten the shorts.

$39.99 Buy product

6.) Bad Boy Legacy 3.0 Men’s MMA Fight Shorts – $69.99

Bad Boy have been producing some of the best and most fashionable MMA Gear since the sport became popular back in the 1990s. They have continued to innovate, developing a wide range of equipment and some of the best mma shorts on the market.

The only reason they are #6 on my list and not #1 is because they don’t have the outstanding designs that Venum have put together, and, quite simply, no one can beat Hayabusa in my opinion. But, in saying that, Bad Boy have produced their fair share of eye-catching apparel over the years and you can’t dispute that they have the best logo in the industry. That’s just my opinion I suppose.

Bad Boy’s Legacy III Fight Shorts feature some of their best technology, such as their Fourth dimension fabric; Durable lycra gusset and their Stretch micro mesh – all for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. They’ve also incorporated Charcoal bamboo fibers to the material, to retain bio-thermal heat, essential to intramuscular vascular flow.

Again, this all depends on your personal preference; maybe you are a big fan of Bad Boy, maybe you like the design, maybe you have a lot of shorts and would like to add to your collection – all I can say is that you will never go wrong with Bad Boy apparel, even if they’re not my #1.


Great material very light … Velcro on the front. And there is a mouth guard pocket inside.” – Verified Amazon Buyer

Size Guide: S (34″W x 19.5″L); M (36″W x 20″L); L (38″W x 20.5″L) & XL (40″W x 21″L)

$69.99 Buy product

7.) Meister Dragon Hybrid Flex MMA Fight Shorts – $29.99

Meister MMA shortsFinally, I’ve decided to include a good pair of “budget” MMA shorts, for those who don’t want to spend more than $30.

If you’ve yet to attend your first session and $30 still sound like a lot, I’d like to point out that you don’t need anything to attend your first session. Except $10 and a bottle of water. But, if you are serious about going to training, there will come a point when your casual shorts, swim shorts or basketball shorts won’t be good enough and you’l need to buy something more appropriate.

This is the most appropriate product I would recommend.

Although it is impossible to deliver professional quality at a beginner’s proce range – Meister seem to have came pretty close. Meister’s Dragon Hybrid shorts have 75 reviews on Amazon, with 78% 5 star reviews.

Again, choosing a pair of MMA shorts will depend on your taste and your requirements but these are certaily a great option for beginners.


“Meister MMA shorts are some of the best I own! I wear these for no-gi BJJ, Krav Maga, and kickboxing. They work very well for what they’re meant for. The material is light yet strong, side slits aid in flexible movement in bjj and kicks, and the drawstring/velcro is fantastic at keeping your shorts tight to your waist. Oh and also the pattern is fantastic!! Unlike others here, my designs have not begun to peel.. Even after washing. Just be sure to turn the shorts INSIDE-OUT to preserve the designs. Simple as that!”

Fit: These shorts have a stretch waist area, so your normal waist size should be appropriate. Visit the product page for more information

$39.99 $29.99 Buy product

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