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The 30 Best Bruce Lee Quotes Everyone Should Learn From

The Legacy Of Bruce Lee

Our best Bruce Lee quotes offer insight to one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. Though his life was cut short at the age of 32, he managed to capture the world’s imagination and is still the face of Martial Arts throughout the world.

Best Bruce Lee Quotes

Our 30 best Bruce Lee quotes offer a small insight as to what we can learn from his life. Share your favourite quotes to inspire your friends and spread Bruce’s message.

1.) Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.

2.) Defeat is a state of mind; No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.

3.) Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.

4.) Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.

5.) Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.

6.) In the middle of chaos lies opportunity.

7.) I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

8.) Simplicity is the key to brilliance.

9.) If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.

10.) Don’t fear failure. — Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.

11.) In order to control myself I must first accept myself by going with and not against my nature.

12.) If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.

13.) To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.

14.) A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough.

15.) Remember no man is really defeated unless he is discouraged.

16.) Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.

17.) Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.

18.) Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

19.) A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.

20.) I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.

21.) Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

22.) The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.

23.) In order to realize our true self, we must be willing to live without being dependent upon the opinion of others.

24.) The more we value things, the less we value ourselves.

25.) Be happy, but never satisfied.

26.) For it is easy to criticize and break down the spirit of others, but to know yourself takes a lifetime.

27.) It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.

28.) If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

29.) Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind for they are the weeds that strangle confidence.

30.) The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.

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5 thoughts on “The 30 Best Bruce Lee Quotes Everyone Should Learn From

  1. I agree that Bruce was a great philosopher & still to this day his legacy carries on for knowledge thirst individuals .So that said yes i agree in Bruce’s insight & art of teaching both Physically&Mentally.Be like water seems to be one of my personal favorites .Bruce Lee was introduced to me at a very young age by Bradley Walker he took me under his wing and not only did he help me to understand Lee’s quotes he also showed me martial art skills ,for he was a multiple black belt & my brother in law .I thank you for the share & bringing back so many memories. Sincerely,
    Steven C.Kloogh

  2. I have several chronic illness and am disabled. Bruce Lee has taught me to live beyond my situation, to live past my physical limitations. Reading these quotes remind me to to keep moving forward in life. Only look back, to see how far you’ve come.

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